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Practice Talk…Early? or Late?

Practice is at 6pm. So what time should you be there by? A)     Right at 6pm, ready to go B)      About 5 minutes before C)      15 minutes before D)     30 minutes before Well if you picked A, you’re wrong. A … Continue reading

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The number that comes after 10 and before 12, used to represent the month of October, wished upon when we see it repeated on a clock (11:11), sometimes referred to as the “master number,” the year we are currently in … Continue reading

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Refs…need I say more?

Elbows in the back, tugging on the jersey, and clipping ankles from behind; these are all things most players can get away with without the referee seeing what’s going on. However, there are some players that get these normal jabs … Continue reading

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Another whistle? Really? Why?

What is considered a foul? During a soccer game, the whistle is blown for the beginning and end of every half and for fouls in between. The physical play during the game correlates with the amount of whistle being blown. … Continue reading

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Be on your best defense.

Soccer players have a reputation of people being very prideful in their sport, which probably has something to do with the fact that other athletes sometimes think of soccer as a joke. How hard could it be? In reality, soccer … Continue reading

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Why soccer?

What’s the big deal about soccer? Why is the referee constantly blowing the whistle? How many players are on the field at a time? How come there are no time-outs? Why are their scores so low if they have that … Continue reading

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