Broken Promises

Ever got promised something but never received it? It’s frustrating, no matter what the “prize” is. Whether its ice cream, a free dinner, or even tickets to Disney World it can be a real bummer to be let down like that.

This has happened numerous times within the past few years on the soccer team. This thing is, is that we would still play no matter if we got prizes or not. Our coach would promise the winning team a prize for winning a 6 on 6 tournament. We love to play this short game instead of regular practice, I mean, who wouldn’t? However, to make it more fun and more competitive our coach decides to come up with prizes.

Our coach promised us ice cream for a picture contest during an away game in the hotel rooms. We get assigned rooms and we had to come up with a crazy picture with our roommates and whoever won got free ice cream. They never saw it.

That spring we were playing our 6 on 6 games and our coach promised the winning team tickets to Disney since he already had free tickets. Well, the end of the tournament was in the beginning of April. Now the coach was friends with some of the Men’s team players and he decided to give them two Disney tickets. They went and had a blast on the day that the tickets expired. Now you may be thinking, what about the team he promised them to? Yeah, they didn’t get to see them either.

The team just finished up their 6 on 6 games and so far, there were no prizes promised. I think he finally learned his lesson and stopped making promises he couldn’t make.

The bottom line here is to follow through with your promises because if you don’t, then the promises will rag on you until you finally come through. And if you never come through, well then they just won’t put any value in your words.

What’s the worst promise that someone broke to you?

About Bench Warmer 20

I've played soccer since I was 7 years old. I've always been a starter on my teams except for High School and College. So here is a compilation of my experiences from being a soccer player and a bench warmer.
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