Nothing Beats This

Running down the field as fast as possible, she sees an opening to pass the ball to her other forward. It goes right to her. She continues running and finds an open spot right in front of the goal. She sprints towards it, faster than the other team’s defenders. Her teammate crosses the ball in. She spots it and jumps. All of time seems to slow down for just a moment, allowing her to head the ball at just the right spot, just the right time, and score the goal. The crowd goes wild!

Nothing beats being cheered for. Whether a person is playing an instrument, a sport, or winning an award, everyone loves the feeling of having people cheer just for them. There’s got to be something healing about that.

Any athlete will say that scoring just makes them want to score more and more. Especially since scoring goals wins the game. It’s almost like being the hero when there seems to be no hope at all, nothing can quite compare to that.

Now, scoring is an amazing feeling, but some coaches can make you not want to score. How is that possible?
Well, there was this one special coach who use to say encouraging thing such as, “Everyone believes in you but yourself,” “If you play the way you just warmed up, you’re going to lose 10-0,” and let’s just say he wasn’t mister sunshine.

One of his favorite things to say was “Shoot and know!” Now, he would say this because he wanted us to shoot the ball at the net knowing that it was going to go in. If we were that good of soccer players, then we wouldn’t have been playing for that level. If we shot the ball and did not know where we wanted to shoot at, he would make us run. This made us not want to shoot at all because we didn’t want to run. Now that same team has problems with shooting. Maybe it could have something to do with his wonderful concept of ‘shoot and know.’ We’ll let Pavlov figure out what kind of conditioning this is.

Check out this video of one of the greatest goals I have seen in a while.


About Bench Warmer 20

I've played soccer since I was 7 years old. I've always been a starter on my teams except for High School and College. So here is a compilation of my experiences from being a soccer player and a bench warmer.
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1 Response to Nothing Beats This

  1. mediamugshot says:

    I’ll bet that goalie doesn’t think that’s such a great goal …

    Top 5 Soccer De-motivational Sayings.
    You have two, what would be the other three?

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